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Thank you for LG Clwaning the best Maids in Seattle to care for your home or property. Our professional Maids cleaning service is committed to your satisfaction and we look forward to providing you with superior and dependable maids service. Our company is based on the belief that a clean home is a happy home. A clean environment is essential for human health and well being; lending itself to less stress, more comfort and increased productivity. With the demand of hectic schedules and little time to enjoy life, Maid cleaning is the one thing that is often neglected. The new generation of single business people and dual income families leave little time to adequately care for a home, and still have time to enjoy life. Based on the growing demand to outsource house cleaning chores, we formed Synergy Cleaning Solutions, a professional cleaning service designed to keep your home or property clean….so you can enjoy a less stressful life. Maids Seattle provides all types of cleanin

1. Wow. Incredibly thorough,The Maids in Seattle left everything gleaming, and their price is very reasonable. Inside cupboards, cabinets, windows and sills, baseboards, doors, door frames, picture frames, ceiling fans, light fixtures, walls, the works. We have a large dog that sheds, and while I vacuum and mop a few days a week, and swiffer dust, etc. . . with our work schedules it just gets away from us. They got under and over everything – no dog hair. We had another monthly cleaning service who cancelled a couple times, so we tried LG instead — we had no idea how much was getting overlooked, and the maids walked us through to show areas of neglect. The first deep clean took about 5 hours, but the results. Wow, again. On top of that, they are incredibly friendly. Definitely recommended, and will be hiring Maids in Seattle regularly from now on.

2. I called LG Cleaning Maids in Seattle on a Monday and she was able to accommodate us they very next morning. She sent us three very nice ladies who did a wonderful job cleaning my mom’s condo. They were all very professional. I would highly recommend . Thank you so much

3. I had never used a Maids Seattle cleaning service before but when I researched online I saw the great reviews that LG Cleaning had. So I called and got a quote for a deep cleaning. I had bad tenants that had never cleaned in two years. I spoke to the Maids in Seattle they were extremely helpful and very easy to communicate with. They came out the next day first thing in the morning and cleaned the entire place. I couldn’t be happier. The tub was so bad I didn’t actually think they could get it clean but they did. The floors were sparkling clean which I didn’t think was possible because the floors were old and the kitchen was extremely greasy and they got it all sparkling clean. If you’re looking for a Maids in Seattle cleaning service, call them. They do excellent work.

4.We had our entire house deep cleaned and we couldn’t be happier! From The start communicating was easy and friendly. The two Maids nice ladies arrived on time and with everything they needed. They worked quickly and efficiently on my home in Seattle. If they were unsure about something they would ask my husband. I am VERY picky about the way my home is cleaned and I have zero complaints!! We will definitely continue to use Synergy and recommend their Maid service!

5. Maids Seattle are amazing. The arrive promptly, are all friendly & professional, and they do an amazing job in the shortest time. Not a stitch of dirt is left, and just as they start, they finish and the house is sparkling clean, spotless & smells great! Their rates are great for the services they do. Totally recommend this Maids Seattle company.

6.Everything in my house is sparkling. I didn’t even know wood could sparkle, or televisions for that matter. They even hung up my clothes! I placed my clothes neatly in a chair assuming cleaning services don’t deal with that sort of thing. I was wrong! And they mopped my floors!!!!! Another plus I wasn’t expecting. Thank you, Jesus. I can focus on my exams and papers. I’m so thankful for your Maids Seattle services. The women who cleaned my home are so sweet!

7.I normally don’t do reviews through internet, but these people deserve the effort. I have a big house and was very concerned about the quality of the cleaning. They sent me 2 Maids that are the best removing dirt, and now my bathrooms look so shiny!! they not only clean your house on the surface but deep down as well, and the girls are very detailed. I’ve become a regular client and they have been coming to my house in Seattle weekly. They are amazing, I highly recommend them.

8. Wow! I had no idea my house could even BE this clean! My experience with LG House Cleaning Maids Seattle has been extremely positive from the get go. easy to communicate with and very prompt with her responses. The two friendly employees arrived on time and did a terrific job on cleaning my messy house. I don’t think they missed a thing – even beautifully cleaning all the blinds and windows and ceiling fans. I really appreciated the Maid service of this company and will ask them to clean on a regular basis. Highly recommended! The cleaners showed up right on time and were very pleasant and respectful. They DEEP cleaned our entire house in just a few hours and made it feel like new (this included removing 3+ years of dust previous cleaners didn’t deem worthy to clean).
Our house is ready to list and I’ll definitely be calling them again! 100% recommend!

9.I used Maids Seattle crew for a move out of a house we had lived in for over 12 yrs. arrived on time and the two girls worked tirelessly for 4 hours and turned our grungy house into a house that will allow us to get our deposit back. They left no stone unturned and hit every corner and crevice. Would use again for every day House cleaning also. Thanks

10. Love this Maids in Seattle company! I have used several cleaning services in the past and have always been disappointed in either the customer service aspect or in the actual cleaning. Not anymore! the Maids in Seattle are top notch professionals. They are always on time, do a wonderful job cleaning and follow up to make sure I am happy.Give them a try! You will not be disappointed!

11. After my regular Maids in Seattle cleaning person disappeared I of course came to my trusty google and found this amazing company! I called Maids Seattle she was able to send her crew out the next day…. The communication was spot on, girls arrived on time, walked around to see the space, asked me what were my needs and got to work! And boy they left the place spotless!! One of the girls even found $5 while cleaning n put it on the table so definitely trust worthy people! All in all super happy with the service and hopefully will be using them on regular basis!

12. This is the first time ever I hired anyone on Maids Seattle came to the rescue as I needed a very last minute cleaning for my 2 apartment. I messaged them via Online last night and to my surprise they replied within 15 minutes, I got a quote and scheduled the cleaning for today. They did a fantastic job and I will use them again, feels so great too walk in to a clean house. Thank you Maids Seattle and staff for a wonderful job. Price was great too. was very communicative today as the girls were coming over and followed up after.

13.The crew is responsive, courteous, flexible and does a very good job. They are also very affordable, especially when you compare it to some of these other cleaning services. When extra attention is needed in a specific area, I call Maids Seattle it is done. I recommend them to anyone!

14.I called to set up a deep cleaning for my house before the arrival of our baby. Heidi was very proficient and friendly in scheduling an appointment for the house to be cleaned. They Maids Seattle ladies showed up on time and were very friendly. They cleaned the entire house top to bottom and I couldn’t be happier. It’s tough to clean when you’re 9 months pregnant so I was able to sit back and let them handle it. They did a fantastic job and now I don’t want to touch anything because it looks so good! 🙂

15.Great Maids Seattle company. I was asking around and none of my friends could come up with a cleaning service to refer me to. Maids Seattle They were able to come on the same day I called. They were polite and very thorough. The House cleaning was well needed. I will be a repeat customer for the foreseeable future. Thank you my fellow yelpers.

16. I love this Maids Seattle company!! They came on a Friday and on 1 days notice. Did an AMAZING job. I have a 5k sq foot house and they handled it in 3 hours. Bathrooms never looked cleaner. Entire house inc baseboards and range were spotless. I highly recommend this Maids Seattle company for anyone needing a good house cleaning. Definitely calling them again.

17. set up cleaning for following Monday morning. The ladies were prompt and courteous and proceeded to do an excellent job. Thank you for great Maid service.

18. I was extremely pleased with the Maids Seattle job that was done. I thought the job would take two hours so that is what I had told them. They did it in an hour and a half. Most companies would have made sure it took two hours since they knew I was prepared to pay that. Communication about the appointment was great as was the ease and quickness of getting on the schedule. I will absolutely be using the company again!

19.My fiancé and I recently had a Maids Seattle cleaning done from this company.They were very professional,and the service they provided was immaculate.This was the best cleaning we’ve ever had.We highly recommend this company, we will be using them again.

20. Loved this Maids Seattle company!!!Synergy helped me out so much. I have to big dogs and was so busy with work. They helped me right away. Great price. And so worth it. Definitely calling them again!

21. Amazing treatment from beginning to end. Called same day and they were able to clean my House the same day. Attentive to details and great work. Will be using them again.

22.This the best cleaning service I have ever used. So sorry that I have wasted my money on other companies. You do an OUTSTANDING job. As far as I am concerned, no company comes close. You now have a steady customer. Thanks so much!!!



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