When you hire LG Cleaning for Home Cleaning Services, you’re not just getting an average Home Cleaning service.
You’re getting a total home cleaning solution that uses the best tools and products available. We are not only committed to our customers, but to the environment as well. That’s why we use great products that are effective to get your Home cleaned the right way the first time we will clean counterparts, whole kitchen bathroom, bedroom,
from top to bottom your whole house will smell great.


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1. Oh my goodness, these women are amazing. They did a fantastic job with the Home Cleaning Services they deep cleaned my apartment for 5 hours. They pulled out the bed and the fridge to clean behind, scrubbed the oven and microwave, did the baseboards and the walls, cleaned the blinds and ceiling fan, the bathroom was spotless (they even got behind the toilet)– just everything. I was sitting in awe after they were done.

2. I’m so glad we found LG Home Cleaning Services and her team! We had been using another cleaning service for about a year and the level of cleaning had been inconsistent, and they were constantly late or rescheduling. When we hired LG Home Cleaning Services when they finished the job, she led me around the house to go over what had been done and give me a chance to ask any questions. The house looked amazing. We are sold! This will be our regular cleaning service now.

3. We’ve been using LG Home Cleaning Services for about 3 months. They do a spectacular job every time. . When I contacted The Owner she got back to me right away and had her cleaning crew over in just a couple of days. She’s very responsive to messages and sends a reminder the day before she comes. I always look forward to coming home after work when I know her crew has been there. The house always looks and smells amazing. Her rate is very reasonable as well.

4. The Home Cleaning Services team did an AMAZING job. We have a big dog who sheds and drools a LOT. they moved all the furniture and cleaned under, cleaned under the rug, cleaned the windows and doors. I’ve never seen our floor look so sparkly. It was like returning to a brand new home! Thanks so much, LG Home Cleaning Services We will definitely use them again.

5. I am more than happy with the Home Cleaning Services I received Not only did they fit me into there schedule last minute/same day service but the cleaning was beyond my expectations. They were so nice and friendly as if I knew theM for years. Especially being my first time meeting them both. The bathroom & kitchen area was so bad with grease and buildup in the tub area. I didn’t think they would be able to get some of the stains removed but they did and the bathroom looks brand new. Wishing I had before pictures to show you. I will definitely use lg Home Cleaning Services again and refer to my family and friends.

6. LG Home Cleaning Services and her team did an amazing job! I have a 2-month-old baby and in caring for him and being pregnant my house had gotten out of control! They were amazing! My house is sooo clean! We have 3 dogs and I swear they got 100% of the dog hair which is really something. They did such a thorough job, really cleaned high low and behind everything, places I never think to get but it really makes a difference. They worked super hard and it was a big job, and we’re right on time. The price was really reasonable and she was clear about the pricing and broke down what regular cleaning would involve and cost. 10 thumbs up. I couldn’t be happier.

7. lg Home Cleaning Services are my lifesavers! My husband and I recently bought a house and had the hardwood floors sanded and stained. The floors look fantastic; the residual dust, not so much. Every nook and cranny from ceiling to floor was coated in dust. We couldn’t breathe. These three wonderful women worked relentlessly for 7 hours, scrubbing and vacuuming every square inch of my house. Their attention to detail is remarkable, so much so that the ladies joked that I too am detailed but too slow to be on her cleaning crew! I gladly stepped aside to let them finish my kitchen before they left. I will definitely use LG Home Cleaning Services again and cannot express enough how grateful I am for making our new home livable.

8. This Home Cleaning Services truly lives up to all the positive reviews you are reading.T he maids are kind and welcoming. She brings a hard-working crew of ladies. She is upfront about cost and goes through customizing what you want to be done in your house. The cleaning crew was polite and friendly as well. They handled our pets very kindly too. They worked hard for almost 8 hours to get our house up to par!

9. What a great Home Cleaning Services team, with a focus on the details! Great timing and reasonable rates for such a great job! I’m realizing I left this review go for a few weeks as I am coming back to schedule another Home Cleaning Services cleaning. They did a great job we were happy and satisfied with the cleaning…and of course, we were! Thanks!!

10. LG Home Cleaning Services and her team are FANTASTIC! I am very picky about my cleaning…they came in and did a great job on our home! We have recently tried a couple of different services and just haven’t been totally satisfied at all. The visit was a little more expensive than I paid with my last service however I think it is totally worth it! Three of them showed up and they had our place done in just very slightly over 2 hours…we have a lot of surface and dusting and floors in our home and it can take time. They were polite, friendly, and professional! We will absolutely be calling them back when its time. I did my research the reviews you see on her and her team are accurate and true in my opinion. Thank you for a great job!



LG Cleaning strives to provide quality residential and commercial cleaning services. Whether you need it once a month, on a weekly basis or for special event, we will work with you to make the process as simple and as efficient as possible. We understand how important is to maintain a pristine image to you house, apartment or business since it is a reflection of your persona. Our priority is always to provide a courteous, convenient and above all effective service to meet or exceed your expectations. We have over 5 years of experience and we are a family owned and operated business that understands your needs. Please click here to contact us, give us the opportunity to help you with all your cleaning needs.

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