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Apartment Cleaning services aren’t just for homeowners. If you are renting an apartment or condominium, LG Cleaning provides services that can fit your needs. We don’t just hit the visible places when we clean your apartment- we bring the same high-level attention to detail to every home we clean, whether your home is a single-family
dwelling, condominium, or an apartment.


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The first step of our Apartment Cleaning service in Seattle is to declutter your Apartment by finding an alternative space for your furnishings, books, electronics, and other property while space they permanently occupy is cleaned. We then do some cleaning on the decluttered space thoroughly before we move onto the next space. We follow this simple system until your Apartment Cleaning in Seattle is thoroughly cleaned.

Have your Apartment cleaning is done right we swept, mopped, vacuumed, dusted, wiped down, and simply professionally Apartment Cleaned by our House Cleaning professionals. We scrub hard-to-reach spots that are typically ignored like showerheads. Our solution will quickly remove sticky residue off your showerhead and other hard-to-reach areas to leave them sparkling. We scrub the grease off your doorknobs and other overhead objects in the kitchen where grease builds up each time you cook. We vacuum the refrigerator coils behind the removable plate in the back of your refrigerator. If too much dust has built up on your coils, your refrigerator may not keep your food properly cooled.

We pride ourselves with delivering top-notch Apartment Cleaning service by arriving equipped with top of the line microfiber mops, pads, brooms, dustpans, dust mops, toothbrushes (to scrub narrow spaces and corners), grout brushes, cleaning cloths, furniture polish, scrub pads, glass cleaner, general-purpose cleaner, compressed air cans (for interior electronic dusting), and other Apartment cleaning equipment.

We clean and polish glass surfaces, sweep and mop floors, vacuum carpets, clean window sills (yes, we do windows), dust furniture, ceiling fans, and other furniture, and fixtures, disinfect bathrooms and kitchens and perform other duties to ensure your home stays clean. We also clean vents, light fixtures, baseboards, we empty and clean bookshelves and vents. We empty garbage containers, remove and replace bags, and take your outdoor container to the curb for pick up. We remove cobwebs and anything else that prevents your Apartment home from looking and smelling impeccably clean.

We also thoroughly clean refrigerators, ovens, microwaves, and other appliances. We clean blinds, sweep porches unload dishwashers, spray bed linens with fragrant and delightful mists which leave them smelling great with fresh aromas.

Moreover, we work with real-estate agencies and management organizations to thoroughly clean homes out or in which new or old tenants or owners are moving. We have efficiently performed comprehensive cleanings of garages, basements, areas that have been newly constructed, janitorial and office cleaning services, and we have provided full organization and decoration support.

We also finalize our Apartment cleaning each part of the home by looking at and scrutinizing the surface at eye level. This allows us to catch spots we missed, and ensure that your home i squeaky clean.

We are located in Seattle and have been serving the people here for over 15 years.

A true Top Rated Apartment Cleaning Company in Seattle Book the same cleaners, the same time, every time. Book your Apartment cleaning service in 60 seconds! Pet-Friendly! Tired of searching for reliable Apartment cleaning companies? Need someone you can trust? Try LG Cleaning Services today! We are all certified professional house cleaners, insured and bonded. Every Apartment cleaner is extensively trained and vetted before sent out to clean your home or business. One of our main business models is to find the perfect cleaners just for you. We focus on building longterm relationships and keep the same cleaners with the same clients. They are also paid per cleaning so instead of them punching the clock they work directly for you for exactly what tasks you need to be done. We all follow an in-depth 72 point checklist tailored exactly to your needs.

Established in 2005

LG House Cleaning Services is the new modern style cleaning business built of the newest technologies and oldest principles of honesty and hard work. We built this company to make more convenient and tailored to the client’s needs. With online booking, you can book services on your phone in less than 60 seconds. You don’t have to wait to call you can book 24 hours a day from anywhere!

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1. I have tried several Apartment cleaning services Seattle and this one has been the best to date! The staff member came in and got right to work even though I was on a work call at the time. She did a thorough job of Apartment cleaning the baseboards, windows,  and kitchen. She knew I was working from home and thoughtfully asked if it was OK to vacuum at the time. Our bathrooms were spotless, floors and counters cleaned–everything looked great! We even did a walk-through at the end of the job. I had a great experience with the Apartment Cleaning in Seattle and will certainly schedule sessions with LG House Cleaning again. I will specifically request the same Apartment cleaner as well! Highly recommend.

2. I have been struggling for years to find a good Apartment Cleaning in Seattle finally I found one. LG House Cleaning is super easy to book (simple system), extremely reliable and most importantly the Apartment cleaners did a fantastic job. The Apartment looks spotless whenever I get back. Also, the price is reasonable for the Apartment Cleaning in Seattle service (GREAT price for a monthly Apartment cleaning) I wish I found this Apartment Cleaning Service in Seattle much earlier!

3. This Apartment Cleaning Company in Seattle company is very professional. They took care of all our needs and made sure that everything was satisfactory. They exceeded all of our expectations and made every part of our home presentable for our initial home inspection. We will definitely use this Apartment Cleaning in Seattle company again!

4.loved my Apartment Cleaning in Seattle service! we got these girls to help us clean our 2/2 apartment and he did such an amazing job. I would definitely request her again. She was fast and efficient. Took her about 1 hour and 30 minutes to clean the whole apartment.

5. After two years, three young children, a dog, and my wife suffering from depression, the Apartment home I have was quite messy, to say the least. I did what I could, but Apartment Cleaning isn’t my fortè. With my wife’s recovery, we decided to move and after much ado, I decided to try out a cleaner.
In a somewhat short-notice request, I was able to schedule an  Apartment Cleaning Seattle appointment. I couldn’t have been happier with the results! They cleaned everything they said and were very cordial. I haven’t heard yet from the landlord, but I expect I’ll get a full return on my deposit.
They even cleaned out above the cabinets where I forgot I’d tossed a cicada shell to show the kids later. And the ring on the glass top electric stove looked like new. I would absolutely recommend for Apartment Cleaning in Seattle- that is, I believe I just did!

6. The Apartment Cleaners in Seattle They are always punctual, thorough and ask for feedback before they leave. They are quick and efficient and polite. the Apartment Cleaning girls in Seattle let me cancel if I have work conflicts at the last minute and reschedules promptly after. They respond quickly by email and paying is simple. I am a very pleased customer and when it comes to Apartment Cleaning in Seattle, I am not easily pleased! Keep it up =

7. I Have been using Apartment Cleaning in Seattle for about 3 months now and definitely recommend the Apartment Cleaning in Seattle service. Our scheduler is always accommodating and super prompt when replying to emails and schedule changes. Our regular cleaners trustworthy and really friendly and does a great Apartment Cleaning in Seattle job.

8. The Apartment Cleaning girls in Seattle restored my faith in cleaning services. All my previous house cleaning services did a rushed job. Arrived late or not at all. LG Cleaning arrived earlier than expected, fully prepared, and was so thorough. The wiped and dusted hard to find areas. They went through a printed checklist of tasks. The work was impeccable and they had great attitudes as well. It was really relieving being able to find an Apartment Cleaning Service in Seattle we can depend on!

9. This was our first time using LG Cleaning for our Apartment Cleaning in Seattle and they were fantastic. I haven’t had my house cleaned professionally in over 4 years and it was sparkly from top to bottom!

10. I find that I tend to be picky when it comes to getting my house cleaned. I have used individuals here and there over the last few years but have never really been happy with the cleaning. I decided to give LG Cleaning a try to clean my apartment, hoping that it would work out. On my first Apartment Cleaning in Seattle, I requested a deep clean (and paid extra for that). Of course, I was happy with the job! she worked hard and did a great job. I am looking forward to having LG Cleaning clean my house on a regular basis!

LG Cleaning strives to provide quality residential and commercial cleaning services. Whether you need it once a month, on a weekly basis or for special event, we will work with you to make the process as simple and as efficient as possible. We understand how important is to maintain a pristine image to you house, apartment or business since it is a reflection of your persona. Our priority is always to provide a courteous, convenient and above all effective service to meet or exceed your expectations. We have over 5 years of experience and we are a family owned and operated business that understands your needs. Please click here to contact us, give us the opportunity to help you with all your cleaning needs.

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