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House Cleaning Seattle

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“Established in 2009”

LG Cleaning strives to provide quality residential and commercial cleaning services. Whether you need it once a month, on a weekly basis or for special event, we will work with you to make the process as simple and as efficient as possible. We understand how important is to maintain a pristine image to you house, apartment or business since it is a reflection of your persona. Our priority is always to provide a courteous, convenient and above all effective service to meet or exceed your expectations. We have over 5 years of experience and we are a family owned and operated business that understands your needs. Please click here to contact us, give us the opportunity to help you with all your cleaning needs.

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“Immediately Solving Any of Your Cleaning Problem!”

We pride ourselves on being highly recommended by our customers for providing a quality and affordable service on all our types of cleaning.


LG House cleaning Call us anytime (206)785-9171

House Cleaning in Seattle is just one of those chores that need to be done no matter what you might have a Move out Cleaning that you need in Seattle.
or an Apartment Cleaning you need in Seattle maybe a Seattle Commercial Cleaning.

But for most of us normal people we have a variety of chores waiting for us to get done and that unfortunately includes the space & areas we live in. Whether that is an apartment, a condo, or a new furnished house, things just tend to clutter up. Dust piles on. Drinks get spilled & so on thats why calling LG Cleaning is the right choice we do maid Service cleaning.

But we don’t need to convince you as to why your should hire us LG Cleaning Seattle maid Services. You probably already understand that a dirty home is a recipe for allergens, illness & increased health risks.

It affects your mental & productivity state when your entire place looks thrashed. After all the saying is, “your home reflects your inner state”.

Also what about when your mother in law comes to visit you bringing with her some other family guests you never heard of unannounced at your door? You aren’t going to clean the entire week’s worth of mess in 5 minutes as you rush to open the door.

A maid, which is short for “maiden”, also known as a domestic worker has played a long historical role throughout the centuries.

That’s why our ancestors such as the Victorian England folks knew the importance of hiring Home Cleaning Services in Seattle you need a maid to take care of all the busy cleaning work.

Assuming you have a life to live, goals & dreams to achieve & basket ball games & special family events & moments you don’t want to miss out on. It is a no brainier to hire a domestic cleaning service to help you out with your chores so you can focus on what matters most.

You don’t have to be filthy rich to afford a maid service either, our House Cleaning Rates are Affordable our Maids in Seattle are Top Rated! Reliable and Reputable.

Most cleaning companies dont have good House cleaning rates to help you get your home in tip top shape. Think of it like paying for your expensive cable bills you pay for but barely use. Except in this case, the money would be well spent in improving your living condition & freeing up more time and make your life more clutter free call LG Cleaning for the best House Cleaning Services in Seattle.

Now here’s the tricky part. Hiring help for your home can be rough. There are too many people that are just plain unreliable & unprofessional.

We work only with highly trained, experienced and vetted Maids who are the best in the business.

We feature a reliable, efficient and straightforward House Cleaning method in Seattle that will help you make a cleaning appointment effortlessly.

Our Seattle maid Services offers a competitive, fair pricing and a secure, simple payment platform for your convenience.

We will send insured and bonded maids in seattle the best house cleaners who will provide you with above-par maid services in Seattle and the surrounding areas.

We employ a 100% satisfaction guarantee and strive to resolve any issue as soon as possible.

We left some reviews for you to read so you can see we are 5 star rated.

This Home Cleaning Services in Seattle team rocks! We initially got a quote from LG Cleaning because he has great House Cleaning Rates , and we now have a regular cleaning schedule (every three weeks) which comes with a low flat rate. Each Maids Seattle cleaning crew might vary slightly on what they’ll do, but we’ve always had a spotless, tidy home when they’re done. They usually won’t do the dishes, but they always take out the trash and make the bed with fresh linens (if you leave them on the bed). They also always vacuum the couch, which is a huge plus for us. The lady in the office are always super easy to work with, and billing is really easy.

2. I needed some Seattle maid Services to come over and These ladies came early and worked very hard, giving us a wonderful result. LG House cleaning is very communicative and reasonably priced for the hard jobs they tackle. We recommend them for move out cleaning in Seattle , and anything else!

3. Very quick response and estimate from this Seattle House Cleaning company. We found this and team to be flexible with scheduling, which was extra helpful for a last minute “clean the house” prep for our daughter’s birthday party. The house cleaning quality was good and we were happy with the overall results.

4. These House Cleaning Services in Seattle are fabulous! super flexible with times and responsive! they always picked up the phone or called right back.
The cleaning crew did a fabulous job – i have *never* seen a move in cleaning so thorough… great work and would highly recommend these House Cleaning Services in Seattle!

5. LG Cleaning the best House Cleaning services I got in Seattle did an amazing House Cleaning job with my move out cleaning! My 4 bedroom house was really dirty (I have teenagers) and we had lived there a long time. My very picky landlord was very happy with how clean my house was and is giving back a lot more of my deposit than I ever expected! I am going to hire House Cleaners to do a deep clean on my new apartment every month. I highly recommend this house cleaning Seattle business!!

6.Very very pleased with the Maids that cleaned my home in Seattle. Needed a deep cleaning before havings guests and recovering from surgery. They were on schedule with a call in advance when they were 30 minutes out. They cleaned things I’d never even looked at before. I think I’m going to need these House cleaners to come again for maintenance!

7.I was extremely happy with LG Cleaning I needed a Apartment Cleaning in Seattle. I’m a REALTOR and I can tell you I’ve been disappointed with most House cleaning companies but I’ve already referred LG Cleaning to another customer. We had a really soiled, baked on mess in the oven and I can’t believe how clean it came out! The booking was easy and they answered the phone every time I called.

8. I am so happy with the House Cleaning Rates! They did such a great job. My house is completely spotless now. The ladies were so sweet too! I will always use this company. I highly recommend these House cleaners they did a wonderful House Cleaning job.

9. I needed a Move out Cleaning in Seattle This commercial Residential cleaning company offered easy booking and good communication for my move-out cleaning. My apartment had some severe issues in the oven and they worked hard to get it as clean as possible! The House cleaners were kind, efficient, and effective. I really appreciated how understanding they were about still having some of my boxes in the living room. They politely worked around my mess and did a great job, especiallyconsidering how unclean the place was to begin with. It was absolutely perfectly squeaky clean afterwards (no smudges here and there on the corners/edges), And with all the other positive aspects to the House Cleaning experience, it was well worth it.

10. LG cleaning the best Apartment Cleaning service in Seattle was an amazing experience! Hired them to do a thorough cleaning of my house. Booked over the phone and they were very easy to work with! Day of the cleaning, they called to confirm they were on the way, showed up on time and were very pleasant with my husband, who was home for the cleaning. Before the 2 hours had expired, they knew they would need more time and the office reached out to me to get the additional time approved.
The work the crew did was thorough and my house is beautiful! Based on the initial experience, I will be contacting them to schedule recurring services!
and I will need a Seattle Commercial Cleaning coming up and will be calling soon.

11. The best house cleaning experience I’ve ever had. Booking was easy, and the maids did a great House cleaning job accommodating my request, even during the busy rush of Spring Break. The maids arrived right on time and got right to work on my home in Seattle, with minimal direction. They were just pros. Results were stellar! And I’ve got two kids and two dogs. Flowers and bathrooms have never been cleaner. They even made cute arrangements with my kids stuffed animals on their beds. I was going to just book them once a month, but this first experience was so great, I’m going to try every two weeks.

12. I have been using LG Cleaning for quite a while now for maid Services for my home in Seattle, and I really appreciate the work ethics from office staff and the team. They are so honest and in a world we live in today, where no one says anything but complaining comments, to find this House Cleaning company was wonderful in every way is a godsend. I had to retire early from the medical field (PA) do to a serious back injury and I’m so thankful to the ladies always on time, start to work immediately and always have a smile!! The owner is very adept in customer relations, social skills are kind and thoughtful
Thank you to the Seattle maid ServicesI got thank you!

13. We have worked with LG Cleaning the Home Cleaning Services in Seattle for the past several months, and they are great. Getting a quote was very easy, and the House Cleaning team is very responsive regarding scheduling or any questions we’ve had. We love our weekly cleaning- the house looks fantastic, and the team is always very friendly and professional.

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